A few weeks ago Apple revealed their new Macbook Pro, a high end computer that should be just that — High end, that is. Sure, the unibody looks quite nice. But there is that one thing - the hinge of the display…

The Macbook Pro display hinge

When the Macbook Pro is angled towards the user the screen can’t stay in position, it simply swings down. The display hinge on the previous model of Macbook Pro had no problem keeping the display in position. There is a few threads regarding the loose display hinge in Apples support forum:

Video of the loose display hinge on Macbook Pro

As you can see the screen starts to fall as soon as the computer is a bit tilted forward.

Why is the loose display hinge on Macbook Pro a problem?

All moving parts become more or less worn out over time. If the hinge can’t keep the screen in position now, imagine how it will be in a few years?

Sign the petition!

Together we might be able to put some pressure on Apple to fix this. A computer which costs $1999 should not be like this! Tell you friends to sign up as well.

After you have added your name to this petition an e-mail will be sent to the given address to confirm your signature. Please make sure that your e-mail address is correct or you will not receive this e-mail and your name will not be counted.

Last 50 of 1125 signatories

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Dean Peterson,
"My Macbook pro hinge is coming apart and there seems to be no fix"

Cody Underwood,
"My screen will not stay up unless I hold it and no one at Apple will help! "

"I want a new one"

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"Fix the Hinge"

Name not displayed,
"left side of the macbook, where the hinge and display come together separated a few days ago. macbook pro is 2009 model. went to the mac store today, at stanford shopping center, to see if they would honor the "EM209" issue that is referenced in various websites. They said any defect would only have a 3yr coverage and that the 3 yrs has already gone by. and then said they could send it to a 3rd party repair for 0. The laptop is simply not worth fixing, as I can get a new generic x86 machine for that much. Pretty disappointing. "

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Name not displayed,
"I have the same issue I think. My macbook pro hinges have come off because of the glue which got worn off. Apple (local service center) now wants me to pay 0 for changing the whole display even though its a glue change."

brandon alisio,
"Broken hinge and seperating clamshell. 08 macbook pro."

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Christian Graham

Ghaith Darwish

Name not displayed

Eboni Dorsey,
"My computer's hinges just recently started getting wobbly out of nowhere. Now my screen is getting progressively worse. I dont think I should have to pay 0 to get this fixed. Especially since I did nothing wrong!!"

Daniel Lathrop

Name not displayed

Michael Bunney,
"How can I get apple to fix this design defect."

Nicole Owens,
"I am absolutely horrified at the amount of problems I'm experiencing with this computer. I spent the nearly 0 for the protection plan and the next month after it expired my charger was completely shot, and they tell me to pay for a new charger. Then a month later, this stupid screen won't stay up. I hardly use it and it's ALWAYS in a case! How does this happen? I really should have bought 2 HPs for the price. I've only had this laptop for a year and a couple months. My last HP lasted 4 years with 0 issues. If this isn't fixed I'm definitely never buying Apple again. And trust me, I have had 3 iphones, 3 ipods, and a macbook, and I have bought several other ipods and an Iphone for family members. That's...idk...a few thousand bucks? Never again.."

Michael Bunney,
"Please fix my macbook hinge at no charge"

János Sántha,
"Mid-2010 13" MBP and still the same problem, but only happening BACKWARDS. It is pretty annoying."

Alexis Bahena

Name not displayed,
"My computer has had a loose screen for months. Very annoying in a 00+ computer."

Kevin Jay Flatow

"i have the same problem with my macbook white 13 it is the hinges ."

Name not displayed,
"My late 2008 Macbook Pro is falling apart. I am getting to the point where I don't even want to open it anymore. This is clearly a workmanship issue and the repair should be covered by Apple."

Richard Prosapio,
"I purchased this MacBook Pro 17" from someone who talked about the issue in his offering. "The only reason I'm selling is that the hinge problem is a factor because I travel and have to open and close the computer often. If you don't mind keeping it open, it won't cause any difficulty." The local repair shop says 0...but the fact is that this computer came with TWO tops and an extra hinge just in case I decide to fix it. The seller noted that he DID repair it once and then it happened again. A good, reliable "fix" has to be determined to make this Apple product as useable as it was designe to be. "

Cari Skipper,
"My laptop screen doesn't actually fall forward as often as it falls backwards....which is ALL THE TIME!!! Actually as I type right now I am having to manually hold the screen up with my left hand & type single-handedly with my right hand! Obviously, this is a serious issue for me & inconvenience!! I am a Realtor & need both hands available at all times. This is ridiculous & is obviously an Apple error, which should be fixed free of charge in my opinion!!!! Its no secret that we (consumers) purchase Apple products, because they appear to be one of the best quality products on the market.....but then there's THIS!! Seriously??? Fix it already!!!! NOT HAPPY!!!!"

andy polanco,
"apple sucks ass only 1 care of useless warranty!!!"

Patrick Cherry,
"My mid 2012 15" macbook pro hinge began acing loose less than one year into service. The hinge quality is so central to the user experience of a notebook."

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Venkat boddapati

Carlos martinez,
"I moved from San Diego, California, to Nairobi, Kenya in July 2012. I have a Mac Book Pro 2008. I bought it in the US with warranty (gone nowadays, obviously..) Display hinge is falling apart. I need the Apple Store to fix it, Please. Thanks beforehand, Carlos Martinez."

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"fuck apple and their macbooks, they can't even design and make them right and last properly"

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Name not displayed,
"I have a 17 inch Macbook Pro that has hinges that have been loose since I first bought it new. It is so frustating, I also at the same time bought a 15 inch Macbook that does not have the hinge problem. I would think that after spending over ,500 on two new Macbooks that I would not be having this problem. What about your customers? Please fix our computers, I am a loyal Apple customer. "

Ned Germany,
"Love everything about the MacBook but unfortunately me like others am left with an unusable laptop. It is simply an oversized Mac mini now. It seems as though the design of the hinges is to blame. I think this needs to go class action, as Apple has refused to recall the units. Seems like the most valuable company in America does not value the customers who got them to the top of the mountain."

"The Mac is useless to buy for 00 it has loose hinge and u listen to mant sounds whiling opening and closing lits,,,, its a waste stupid machine"